This blazer was from my Grammy I stumbled upon it in

midi rings

Oh my gosh, I fake louis bag am so sorry it has been so long, but I back and hopefully with more consistency. So this is my first post with pictures and outfits in Chicago! Frankie from Style Through My Eyes,whom I absolutely adore, shotthem right down the street from my apartment. After we shot the pictureswe hit the town and literally got home as the sun was rising, it was too fun! So high quality designer replica handbags , after being in Chicago a month and a half, I noticed many Chicago women have their uniform, I have one too, no judgement, but the Chicago lady is often seen in some version of the shift dress and flats for daytime and skirts and blouses at night. It is nice, but I wanted to find a way to take that and spice it up a bit. I was very inspired by Alexander Wang, he sent a button down buttoned similar to mine down the runway for Spring. I fake designer bags really like the idea of something so like fringe paired with a blazer for structure. The pop of pink in the shoes adds a bit of femininity to the outfit, the crystalized python and six inch heelsdonothurt either! Lastly, the necklace from Lionette is a must have in my opinion. It can totally transform an outfit, anything from jeans and a white t shirt to a ball gown! So moral of this, do not be afraid to take a more piece and pair it with something unexpected like fringe or a crop top. I am high quality designer replica handbags all moved into my apartment in Chicago for my new job! I am so excited, but now I need to find a photographer in the area. If you live around Chicago and are interested, please message me using the contact form! Thank you. xxLike everyone, I have beenobsessed with Beyonce album. My favorite song has always been Flawless, so naturally I had to buy a t Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags shirt with the best phrase ever written, woke up like this. It is funny every time I wear it I get so many compliments on it; even from Grandma who probably do not even know that song and I love that! I must say that this shirt definitely pairs well with these skaters from Topshop. They are definitely one of the best purchases I have made so far for spring, theyare only $35 and have a bunch of different color options! So worth it, especially since Celine, Givenchy, and Miu Miu have made some awesome similar shoes that are like 50 times the price! I am lustingfor these Miu Miuskaters(I need a size 38 my birthday is soon). This outfit is definitely representing a bit of theCalifornia girl that I still have left in my blood, it comes and goes when it wants. So get your pastel items out of your closet and pair themwith your daisy dukes for a cool but sweet, laid back Cali vibe anywhere in the globe!So. something major happened last week during Spring Couture fashion week replica louis vuitton bags from china , specifically at Chanel. Every single look was sent down the runway in tennis shoes! From ball gowns to the classic Chanel suit, fake designer bags every outfit had matching sneakers. We also saw some sneakers down the runway at Dior so it is safe to say this is a huge trend that we will see throughout the spring, so invest in some cute ones, preferably pastel, to wear outside the gym! After watching all the shows I was inspired to shift to a spring color palette so I mixed and matched the fall plaid with a spring colored dress. This blazer was from my Grammy I stumbled upon it in storage! Seriously, you replica louis vuitton can find the best pieces in your parents and grandparents closets! Besides a belt to define my waist , I added some rings from The Glitter Vault. I am obsessed with this set! aaa replica designer handbags There are only four rings, but it looks like six. I love the ones with the double band because they add so much more drama and they adjustable so the styling possibilities are endless. Spring is right around the corner, I wouldn say put all your heels up high quality replica handbags china on the shelf, but definitely plan on lots of sneakers and flats this season!Black and blue are my favorite colors right now for many reasons but the main one is they truly look fab together. I suggest you try it out now while it is still considered winter time. even you cheap replica handbags crazy kids in LA with 80 degree weather! So jealous. I have said it before I absolutely adore this sweater, but even with the details on the collar it can be kind of boring just paired with black pants. I tried it on with this black tuxedo vest that I actually bought ages ago and it added a certain je ne sais quoito my outfit and I loved it. To spice things up I added a lot of rings, I am totally into the pinky ring and if you Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags watched the Golden Globes and the SAG Awards almost every celeb had one on. The great thing about that is if it fits your pinky it will probably fit your other fingers as a midi ring! So I say definitely look at it as a good investment with multiple uses. I can find a way to justify any purchase. if you ever need a reason to buy something just ask me! Lastly, the other day my friend asked why I rarely have purses in my posts and honestly I never carry a purse, unless I am doing some serious running around. I always carry my wallet and put my phone in my pocket, I sure one day I will lose it and I will regret not having a purse but when I was 16 I lost my beloved Louis Vuitton purse a week after I bought it and I only had a piece of paper in it, I know I was being very irresponsible, but even now as a semi responsible adult I don see the point in risking another loss if I only need to carry one thing! It was found by the way, or else I doubt I would be alive to tell the tale. I have had a lot of people ask what color my nail polish is, it is Lilacism by Essie. He is very well known for his own signature style which always includes a pair of gloves, so it was only appropriate he would create them for his own line. His collection is sold in the replica louis vuitton handbags US online and similar gloves can be found here. This style of gloves is absolutely perfect for this cold season, you can wear them and text at the same time. If you plan on never taking them off definitely add . To keep up the midi style, I wore an amazing vintage, tulle midi skirt. The slip underneath is similar to a pencil skirt which shows off your curves, while the tulle overlay has the midi style which keeps things subtly sexy. For the holiday season, which includes endless parties, it is fun to try new looks that take you out of your comfort zone. Try a new accessory or add a hat to an outfit you wouldn expect, most likely everyone will be envious of your confidence to rock such a thing. Happy holiday partying.

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